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ZIL. Transformation.

Every object, every building and every label at the ZIL car factory, returns you to the life of the giant plant.

The giant plant, where millions of people were working in 3 shifts, where there were in-state buses, hospitals and own police department, where world-famous stars gave concerts.

Since 1916 it was the biggest car factory in the Soviet Union, with its unique life and destiny. First Soviet trucks were produced there. It was one of the leading production of military vehicles during World War 2. Then it became the leading truck and car factory in the Soviet Union. Even the famous ZIL- 41052 limousine for the Russian President was made there.

In the early 90’s the ZIL started to die.

In 2013 the Russian Government took a decision to rebuild the whole territory and eliminate the factory. The lands (over 90 Hectares) were sold to private construction companies that I are building new residential and business areas instead.

The project was started in the mid of 2014 and is still going on. What is presented in this gallery is already in the history. Nowadays I keep on documenting the transformation of the huge plant into a new high tech city.

First part of the project took Grand Prix at the Silver Camera 2014 contsest in Russia (

Some of the images took part in the PROZavod exhibition at the Lumier Brothers Gallery Moscow.

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